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Kitesurfing in Brazil


Kitesurfing Spots in Brazil

kitesurf spots in Brazil

Brazil's endless coastline, kissed by consistent winds and bathed in sunshine, is a kitesurfer's dream. From the bustling, wave-rich beaches near Fortaleza to the tranquil lagoons of the Northeast, Brazil delivers world-class conditions for every level of rider. Get ready to discover a land where the wind is your guide and adventure awaits at every turn.


At the foot of the stunning Lençois Maranhenses National Park lies Atins, a fishing village turned kitesurfer's paradise. Shifting tides reveal vast, flat-water lagoons in the River Preguiças delta, perfect for riders of all levels. Sandy streets lined with coconut palms complete the breathtaking, authentic charm of this hidden gem.

Atins characteristics

Atins is a kitesurfer's dream shaped by the tides. As the waters recede, sandbanks emerge, creating pristine turquoise lagoons perfect for freestyle riding. Where the ocean meets these protective sandbanks, waves roll in, offering an ideal kitewave playground. Rising tides bring choppier conditions and vast open space to explore. Don't miss the chance to embark on downwind adventures to deserted beaches, returning by land or sea.

Wind and Climate

From June to January, Atins is a kitesurfing paradise with reliable side-onshore winds (15-30 knots) and year-round warmth. Temperatures never dip below 25˚C, and the warm water invites endless sessions. Effortless riding is the name of the game in Atins.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Atins isn't just a kitesurfer's haven; it's an adventurer's playground. While you're there, don't miss the awe-inspiring Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, known for its crystal-clear lagoons that glisten until September-October. Immerse yourself in the simple charm of nearby indigenous villages and explore the park in a way that suits you. Hike through breathtaking landscapes, experience an authentic horseback ride, or opt for a faster pace with a 4x4 or ATV adventure. However you choose to explore, the magic of Lençóis Maranhenses is an unforgettable experience that shouldn't be missed on your Brazilian adventure.

Ilha do Guajiru

Ilha do Guajiru, located a breezy two-hour drive from Fortaleza, is a kitesurfer's dream on Brazil's northeast coast. A vast sand strip separates the open ocean from the region's largest turquoise lagoon, offering unparalleled flat-water conditions. Swaying palm trees, white sand dunes, and a fantastic selection of waterfront posadas complete the picture. With consistent winds for eight months of the year, Ilha do Guajiru's popularity among flat-water enthusiasts is on the rise.

Ilha do Guajiru characteristics

 Ilha do Guajiru's Kiteboarding Treasures

Ilha do Guajiru's expansive lagoon is just the beginning! Explore these additional spots for unforgettable kitesurfing experiences:


Praia da Barra

 The heart of the action, located right in front of the pousadas. Ideal for flat water at mid-tide and choppier conditions at high tide. Be mindful of water depth at low tide.

Secret Spot

Ask us for a quick boat ride to this gem on the lagoon's windward side. Enjoy flat water within the lagoon, and thrilling conditions (waves to flatwater, depending on the tide) after a short walk across the sandstrip to the open sea. The wild, untouched scenery is breathtaking.

Praia do Guajiru

On the leeward edge of the lagoon, experience perfect flat water at low tide and easy access to the ocean.

Isolated Lagoon: Embark on a thrilling downwind adventure from Praia da Barra, traversing the open sea to reach this secluded flat-water paradise. Be prepared for the return journey and consider the option of local boat transport. Pack food and drinks – this is a true escape into untouched nature.

Important Note: Always be mindful of tides and plan accordingly!

Wind and Climate

Ilha do Guajiru boasts ideal kitesurfing conditions, with winds ranging from 18-38 knots blowing steadily from mid-June through mid-February. While some gusts may occur near the protective sandstrip, the area offers plenty of spots with perfectly clean, consistent wind. Expect warm temperatures between 26˚C and 38˚C, and balmy 27˚C water year-round.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Ilha do Guajiru is a haven for kitesurfers and relaxation seekers. A variety of quality pousadas cater to your every need, offering activities and events for a well-rounded experience. For a change of scenery, the charming village of Itarema is just a short drive or leisurely walk away. Or, try your hand at fishing with a local guide – the lagoon and ocean are teeming with potential catches for a truly unique experience.

Barra Grande

Once a sleepy village, Barra Grande has transformed into a kitesurfer's paradise. While retaining its authentic charm and sandy streets, this coastal gem in Brazil's northeast now attracts those seeking world-class kitesurfing conditions. Barra Grande's natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere captivate all who visit – even those who arrive without a kite find themselves eager to learn!

Barra Grande characteristics

Praia de Barra Grande

This versatile spot shines at mid to high tide, offering shallow freestyle-friendly waters (1.4m depth). Venture out to the sandbank for thrilling 2-meter wave riding. Perfect for kiters of all levels.

Lagoa de Barrinha

 Just 2.5km east, discover the mouth of the Barrinha River. Conditions vary with tide: expect choppy waves and a strong beach break at high tide, and calm, flat water as the tide recedes. Upwind kiting is required for this spot.

Lagoa do Mangue

Embark on a 2km downwinder to this stunning location. A massive sandbar separates the open ocean's waves from a mangrove-lined lagoon offering perfect flat water. Return by kite or rent a donkey and cart for a unique adventure!

La Boca (River Mouth)

Downwind beyond Lagoa do Mangue, cross the river mouth to reach La Boca's expansive, shallow flat water.

Wind and Climate

Barra Grande delivers reliable winds from July through February. Peak season hits in September, October, and November, with near-guaranteed wind for thrilling sessions. Expect consistent side-shore winds typically between 18-30 knots, with occasional exhilarating gusts up to 35 knots. Enjoy warm weather (28°C to 35°C) and inviting water temperatures year-round.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

IBarra Grande's charm extends beyond the waves. Take a break from kiting and embark on unforgettable excursions, exploring the region's natural wonders. Discover cascading waterfalls and magical waters filled with seahorses. For a truly unique perspective, paddle through the breathtaking scenery by kayak.


Tucked away amidst endless sand dunes, "Jeri" is a hidden gem discovered by windsurfers in the 80s. Its remote location and timeless charm will awaken your inner explorer. Today, Jeri is a world-renowned kitesurfing and windsurfing mecca, attracting travelers from all corners of the globe. Despite its isolation, accessible only by 4x4, Jeri boasts a surprising array of top-notch pousadas and incredible restaurants. While days are spent chasing the wind and exploring lagoons, Jeri transforms at night. Everyone gathers on the beach to witness breathtaking sunsets and captivating capoeira performances. The main square comes alive with lively music, laughter, and the irresistible aroma of caipirinhas. Stroll sandy streets lined with charming boutiques and artisan stalls. It's no wonder visitors fall in love with Jeri's barefoot, carefree atmosphere – once you've experienced it, you'll never want to leave!

Jericoacoara characteristics

While Jericoacoara's main beach is reserved for windsurfers, nearby gems offer incredible conditions.

Préa and Barrinha

 This 15km stretch boasts consistent 20-35 knot winds. Enjoy flat water at low tide and thrilling 1-2 meter waves as the tide rises. Embark on a thrilling one-hour downwinder to Jeri, and arrange for a 4x4 or buggy pickup at the "Sunset Dune."

Duna por do sol (Sunset Dune)

Kite close to Jeri's village behind this famed dune. Expect some gusts, but venture slightly west for more consistent wind. Sunset sessions are magical, especially at high tide when waves and a lagoon form.

Lagoa de Guriú: Discover this flat-water paradise just a half-hour downwind from Jeri. You might spot pros honing their competition tricks!


This kitesurfer's haven offers varied conditions depending on the tide. Aim for mid-tide for smaller but flat-water areas, or venture out during high tide for vast space (mostly choppy, except for a flat-water lagoon on the west side). Low tide provides an open-sea option. Expect strong, sometimes gusty winds near the village.

Wind and Climate

Jeri is a kitesurfer's dream from July to January, with the absolute best conditions hitting September through November. Expect consistent side-onshore winds (18-35 knots), with some gusts in the main spots. Temperatures stay warm, never dipping below 28°C, and can reach up to 40°C in peak season. The water's a balmy 28°C or higher, making for super comfortable sessions.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Jeri is a rare gem in northeast Brazil, attracting kiters and non-kiters alike. Once known solely for watersports, Jeri now offers a thrilling variety of adventures. From thrilling adventures to relaxing escapes, Jeri has something for everyone. Unwind with a breathtaking sunset horseback ride along the beach. Explore the stunning Jericoacoara National Park by buggy or quad, discovering pristine lagoons like Lagoa de Paraíso or Lagoa Azul. Feel the rhythm of Brazil with a vibrant beachside capoeira lesson, or test your balance on a sandboard as you conquer towering dunes. Catch a wave on Jeri's main beach with a surfboard or SUP, then unwind at a luxurious spa. And when the sun sets, get your groove on at a lively forro or samba class – don't worry about perfect technique, just embrace the fun!


Icaraizinho, a hidden gem within a palm-lined bay, exudes an exotic charm beloved by the kitesurfing community. Its stylish restaurants and beachfront pousadas evoke a relaxed elegance, reminiscent of Jericoacoara's past. While gaining popularity, Icaraizinho retains an authentic spirit, shaped by friendly locals and seasoned kiters passing through. With its diverse spots, turquoise waters, and cosmopolitan vibe, Icaraizinho will capture your heart – a place you'll yearn to return to time and again.

Icaraizinho characteristics

Icaraizinho's unique bay creates a fascinating wind dynamic, with conditions shifting depending on your chosen spot. The eastern point shelters the village, so you'll need to explore the points on either side for kiting. East side wind tends to be offshore, while the west side offers onshore conditions.

Far East

 The strongest, most consistent wind. Perfect for kitewave enthusiasts seeking 1-2 meter waves.

Eastern Point (near Club dos Ventos)

Enjoy flat water (1-1.5m depth at low tide), ideal for practicing tricks. Expect some chop at high tide.

West Bay (near Barraca do Kite)

 A popular spot with flat water stretching 30m from shore at low tide, transforming into wave-riding heaven at high tide. Some gusts possible, but wind becomes stronger and more consistent further out.

Far West Bay (behind wind turbines)

Discover a butter-flat paradise at low tide, perfect for beginners and freestylers. The wind here is strong and reliable.

Wind and Climate

Icaraizinho delivers near-guaranteed wind from August to January, with good chances even in July and February. Expect consistent 18-28 knot winds (with peaks up to 30 knots). Steer clear of the middle bay for the most consistent wind, as gusts are common in front of the village. Enjoy warm water (never below 28˚C) and air temperatures between 26˚C and 32˚C.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Whether you need a break from kiting or simply seek new adventures, Icaraizinho delivers. Try stand-up paddling, surfing, or rent a dune buggy to explore the stunning dunes of neighboring Moitas. Sunset strolls along the beach are a must, especially at low tide. Feeling energetic? Join a friendly game of beach football with the locals as the sun dips below the horizon.

After a thrilling day, Icaraizinho's nightlife beckons. With its lively bars and restaurants serving some of the best caipirinhas around, a fun evening awaits. Don't miss out on the vibrant atmosphere!


Cumbuco, a fishing village just a short drive from Fortaleza, has blossomed into a kitesurfing mecca. Its strong winds, palm-fringed beaches, and legendary lagoons drew early kiters, establishing Cumbuco as a world-renowned training ground. Today, the town exudes a cosmopolitan charm, attracting locals and Europeans alike to its funky bars, diverse restaurants, and stylish pousadas. Cumbuco promises thrilling days and vibrant, sociable nights.

Cumbuco characteristics

Praia de Cumbuco

 This vibrant 4km stretch of palm-lined beach transforms with the tides. Wide open spaces at low tide give way to a narrower strip at high tide. Expect some chop, with flatter water zones near sandbanks at low tide. Waves build throughout the day, especially further downwind. Be mindful of crowds during weekends and high season.

Lagoa de Cauipe

Just 7km from Cumbuco, discover this flat-water paradise bordering the ocean. Ideal for beginners and freestylers, this lagoon is a magnet for pro kiters in season. Arrive early to avoid the midday rush!

Downwind Adventure

 Combine the best of both worlds! Enjoy wave-riding on your downwind to Lagoa de Cauipe, then spend the afternoon shredding its butter-flat waters. Relax at nearby chill-out spots with food and drinks, watching the pros in action.

Wind and Climate

Cumbuco's prime kitesurfing season runs from July to January, with August to December offering near-guaranteed wind. Expect consistent 16-28 knot winds (peaking at 30 knots) throughout this prime period. Enjoy side-offshore breezes in the morning, shifting to side-onshore from 11am onward. Winds are strongest during the morning and early afternoon, gradually easing towards sunset. Warm temperatures (26˚C – 35˚C) and inviting 27˚C+ water make for comfortable sessions all year round.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Beyond the beach, Cumbuco offers unique experiences. Seek out the Pernamirim pond, a freshwater gem nestled within the dunes. Embark on a scenic buggy ride, then try "skibunda" – gliding down the dunes on wooden boards before refreshing yourself in the cool pond waters. Craving more coastal beauty? Try an exciting raft ride, venturing along Cumbuco's shoreline and beyond to explore stunning palm-lined beaches like Coqueiros and Tabuba.


Praia do Preá, a charming coastal village just 13km from Jericoacoara, offers a delightful escape on Brazil's northeast coast. Think powerful winds for kitesurfing paired with a laid-back atmosphere only found in these lesser-known gems. It's the place where windsurfing pioneers discovered paradise back in the 80s. While you may find fewer accommodation options, Preá promises quality, making it ideal for kitesurfing adventures, blissful relaxation, and disconnecting from the world.

Preà characteristics

Kitesurfing spots around Preá offer endless adventure

Preá's Beach

 This 15km stretch is your playground! Expect exhilarating wave riding near the shore at low tide. With so much space, you'll feel the freedom of the open ocean.

Downwind to Jericoacoara

 Embark on an epic downwinder from Preá! Carve through waves all the way to Jericoacoara, a thrilling mix of challenge and scenery.

Guriú Lagoon

 Freestyle paradise! This flat-water spot welcomes beginners and those honing their tricks. Take a scenic buggy or 4x4 ride through the dunes (past the stunning "Por do Sol" dune) for this 30km downwind adventure.

Lagoa do Paraíso

 A Caribbean-esque lagoon awaits! Midday winds offer exhilarating (if a little gusty) sessions on this vast inland waterscape. With its beauty and limited crowds, it's a must-visit, even without your kite!

Wind and Climate

Preá boasts some of the most consistent winds on Brazil's northeastern coast, making it a true kitesurfer's haven. From July to February, expect a thrilling 20-35 knot wind almost every day. Add to that the year-round warmth – the water never dips below 28˚C, and air temperatures range from a comfortable 25˚C to a balmy 35˚C.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Need a break from kitesurfing? Just a quick 15km trip away, Jericoacoara offers a world of options for day or night adventures. Feeling beach-bum worthy? Explore the stunning white sands and turquoise waters of Lagoa do Paraíso or Lagoa Azul on a relaxing buggy or 4x4 tour. This is your chance to soak up the sun, unwind, and "do nothing" in the best way possible. Jericoacoara has something for everyone, no matter your pace.


Taiba is a kitesurfing mecca tucked between Cumbuco and Paracuru. It's famous for reliable winds and a nearby lagoon where you might find yourself kiting alongside the world's best. Lush palms and white dunes frame this village, creating a unique charm typical of the region. Get ready for non-stop action and captivating natural beauty.

Taiba characteristics

Praia de Taiba

Wave rider's paradise! This spot is your wave-catching playground, with consistent waves at all tides. Closer to town, thrill-seekers will find some of the best waves in northeast Brazil, reaching 2-3 meters depending on the swell.


Lagoa de Taiba

 Flatwater freestyle and beginner's haven. Just 4km northwest, this lagoon is a magnet for freestyle enthusiasts and those taking their first steps on the board. Be aware: it can get crowded in high season due to its smaller size. But it's worth it to watch the pros train – you might pick up some new tricks!


Downwind to Paracuru

 A 10km adventure! Embark on an exhilarating downwind from Taiba to Paracuru, mixing wave riding with flatwater cruising. Important: Watch out for rocks and lobster-breeding areas - safety first!

Wind and Climate

Get ready for prime kitesurfing conditions in Taiba! From August to January, expect steady winds between 18 and 32 knots. The water is always a balmy 28˚C, and you'll enjoy temperatures ranging from a comfortable 26˚C to a sizzling 38˚C.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Taiba's evenings offer a lively atmosphere, especially when the French community hosts their vibrant food markets. Right next to town, surfers will find a prime spot with consistent waves breaking left to right. Ready for adventure? Rent a buggy or quad to explore the stunning surroundings!


Paracuru, northeast of Fortaleza, is a must-visit for any kitesurfer. With unbeatable wind, wave, and flatwater conditions, it's earned its place on the world kitesurfing stage. This lively village, a blend of local charm and modern amenities, offers everything you need for an unforgettable kiting adventure.

Paracuru characteristics

Paracuru's Kitesurfing Hotspots


 This legendary spot, just 5-10 minutes east of Paracuru, is a magnet for kiters worldwide. Relax at the Quebramar beach bar and watch the action! Reefs create an incredible mix of flatwater lagoons (perfect for freestyle and beginners) and thrilling 1-1.5 meter wave breaks. At high tide, expect choppier lagoons and epic 2-3 meter waves (or larger depending on the swell) – a wave rider's dream!

Curu River Mouth

 Enjoy pristine flatwater at high tide where the wind blows strong. Be prepared for gustier conditions within the river itself. With a vast, rock-free beach, this spot offers freedom! (Note: Kiting here is restricted at certain times, so check with locals)

Downwind to Lagoinha

 Embark on a stunning downwind, cruising past wide, blue beaches and towering dunes. Upon arrival in Lagoinha, navigate the rocky point to reach the main beach – your final destination!

Wind and Climate

Paracuru is a kitesurfer's paradise from August to early February, with guaranteed winds from mid-September to mid-December. Get ready for ideal side-onshore conditions! Warmth is the theme here – air temperatures range from a comfortable 25˚C to a balmy 35˚C, and the inviting water stays between 26˚C and 28˚C.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Paracuru offers more than just epic kitesurfing! It's a lively village, especially compared to other spots in northeast Brazil. You'll have your pick of restaurants – everything from local flavors to international cuisine. In the evening, join the locals in the main square for a fresh-caught fish dinner and a cold beer. No wind? No problem! Paracuru's surf breaks are legendary and have even hosted major competitions.


Tatajuba, a breezy haven less than an hour west of Jericoacoara. Settled at the mouth of the River Tucunduba, this tiny fishing village is surrounded by vast dunes. Time melts away in its slow-paced, tranquil atmosphere. Simple pleasures, friendly locals, and charming pousadas create an unforgettable experience – you might never want to leave.

Tatajuba characteristics

Tatajuba (river mouth)

Convenience at its best! Launch right outside your pousada. Mid to high tide offers a huge lagoon with mixed chop and smooth sections. At low tide, walk 100m for a wave spot.

Wave spot

 Where the river meets the sea, enjoy a high-tide shorebreak with waves up to 2 meters (depending on swell). Expect nice kickers for big air!


 This village, a 30-minute buggy ride east, offers a flatwater lagoon ideal for freestyle and beginners. Return via an 8km downwind to Tatajuba.


Explore the region! Options include Guriu to Tatajuba, or the longer 16km downwind from Tatajuba to Camocim.

Lagoa da Torta

 Just 4km away, nestles this huge lagoon within the dunes. Locals head here when Tatajuba gets too windy (expect gustier conditions). Enjoy Brazilian hammocks and refreshments on-site.

Wind and Climate

Hold onto your kite! Tatajuba boasts near-guaranteed side-onshore winds from July to February. Expect powerful, consistent winds (rarely dropping below 18 knots) that fuel epic kitesurfing sessions all day long (until the sun dips low). Like the rest of Ceará, Tatajuba offers warm water, sunshine, and temperatures that climb to a blissful 38°C (with lows rarely dipping below 25°C) – perfect weather to complement the incredible wind.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Tatajuba isn't just about kitesurfing! It's your gateway to a dune-filled adventure. Explore the stunning dune park, discover crystal-clear lagoons, and experience a completely different side of Brazil. Want a vibrant nightlife scene? Jericoacoara is just a 45-minute buggy ride away, perfect for a night out (just remember to plan for an overnight stay).

Parajurú, Barra Nova, Uruaú

For kitesurfers craving space and unspoiled beauty, look no further than Parajurú, Barra Nova, and Uruaú. These east-of-Fortaleza spots echo the thrills of Cumbuco and Paracuru but offer something even rarer: endless room to explore. Varied conditions (waves, flat water, and more) promise adventure, while the stunning landscapes make it feel like your own private kitesurfing wonderland.

Parajurú characteristics


Freestyler's Paradise

 Heavenly white sands, dunes, and high-tide lagoons create a flat-water haven perfect for freestyle and beginners. Enjoy incredible freedom with plenty of space to choose your spot. Just offshore, find waves that build gradually with the rising tide.  Explore the Rio Piranji river mouth for more pristine flatwater sessions.


Choose between a tidal lagoon right by the sea (room for 4-5 kites) or a larger inland lagoon (size depends on rainfall).  At low tide, find semi-flat water close to shore, perfect for practicing. As tides rise, expect larger waves ideal for wave riding.

Barra Nova

 Experience the best of both worlds! Find flatwater lagoons at the Rio Choró river mouth (during high tide), then head offshore when the tide drops for thrilling wave action. Venture 10km northeast to Água Belas, where the Rio Mal Cozinhado offers a lagoon AND fantastic wave riding on the other side.


Just 35km from Fortaleza, this spot boasts a massive dune and hill plunging into the sea – creating up to 2-meter waves with flatwater sections. Ideal for both wave riding and big air!

Wind and Climate

While the winds east of Fortaleza might be slightly gentler than other areas, they're remarkably consistent from August to February, averaging 16-25 knots. Expect ideal side-shore to side-onshore conditions for optimal kite control. Like the rest of the region, you'll enjoy warm temperatures ranging from 28˚C to 38˚C.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

The coast east of Fortaleza boasts a pristine environment, thanks to strong environmental protections. Expect a relaxed atmosphere, with charming restaurants and pousadas that blend into the landscape. Locals promote activities in harmony with nature like horse rides, river boat tours, and even yoga and meditation workshops.


Galinhos, a gem on the kitesurfing map, retains the charm of an undiscovered paradise. Leave the crowds behind in this laid-back fishing village where sandy streets echo with the clip-clop of horse-drawn carts. Reach it via a thrilling 4x4 ride over dunes or a scenic boat crossing the River Aratua – the island vibe begins with the journey! A long sandbar cradled by ocean and river, Galinhos is a kitesurfer's dream. Experience true Brazilian authenticity, where time slows down and nature takes center stage.

Galinhos characteristics

Galinhos' Beach

 Catch epic sunset sessions! At high tide, enjoy well-formed waves – perfect for wave riding – that transition to flat sections close to shore (ideal for practicing tricks).

Galinhos' Lagoon

 Just 5km south of town, this vast lagoon surrounded by dunes offers choppy conditions with pockets of flat water. Arrive via downwind or boat. Ideal for beginners wanting space, or experienced kiters looking to experiment with jumps and freestyle.

Hidden Gems

 Explore beyond the main spots! Extensive downwinds or boat trips reveal even more secret kitesurfing havens with flat water and wave options.

Wind and Climate

Plan your Galinhos kitesurfing trip from August to March for consistent winds. For the most reliable conditions, visit during October, November, and December, when you're almost guaranteed wind every day. Expect a steady range of 16-26 knots, with some days pushing to 30 knots for experienced riders. Steady side-onshore winds make for ideal control, especially during long daytime sessions. Embrace the warmth with year-round temperatures between 26˚C and 35˚C, and water temperatures perfect for boardshorts.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

 Between sessions, relax in warm, salty pools, or take a dreamy sunset horseback ride along the beach. Ask local guides to take you beyond the beaches, discover stunning mangroves, salt mountains, and incredible wildlife. Expect close encounters with seahorses, beaches teeming with crabs, and the freshest oyster lunch imaginable! Galinhos will make you wish you could stay forever.

São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso is a kitesurfer's dream! This friendly, vibrant town has transformed from a sleepy village to a cosmopolitan haven, buzzing with cool restaurants, charming pousadas, and endless colorful kites. But don't worry – there's still plenty of coastline to share! São Miguel attracts a diverse crowd: Brazilian sun-lovers, international travelers, and kiters drawn by its consistent winds and stunning palm-lined beaches.

São Miguel do Gostoso 

Ponta do Santo Cristo

 This spot is a thrill seeker's paradise! Flatwater near a sandy point (ideal at low tide), a sandbank for wave riding just 300m offshore, AND up to 2m shore break waves at high tide – all in one compact area! Ponta do Santo Cristo welcomes everyone. Beginners have their learning zone, pros can practice tricks, and wave riders get an endless supply of action.

Praia do Marco

 A short 20-minute buggy ride takes you to this stunning beach. Expect stronger winds in this tucked-away bay, but be aware of limited space. It rewards with a rocky reef lagoon perfect for flatwater at low tide. As the tide rises, expect 1-2 meter waves near the reef – perfect for those seeking wave thrills. It's less crowded than the main spots, offering a more intimate experience.

Wind and Climate

São Miguel do Gostoso is a kitesurfer's paradise! Enjoy reliable winds from July through February, with speeds ranging from a steady 16 to 26 knots (and occasional gusts up to 30). Expect consistent side-shore winds – ideal for control – that usually start early and last well into the afternoon. Leave your wetsuit at home: air temperatures stay between a comfortable 26˚C and 35˚C, and the water is always a balmy 27˚C or warmer.

Beyond the Kitesurfing Paradise

Rent a beach buggy and explore the coastline for hours. Check out the waves at Praia do Tourinhos, or head slightly south for some of Brazil's best snorkeling. For less crowded reefs and stunning shallow pools, try a trip from Perobas. In the evenings, São Miguel offers a mix: lively beach bars, quirky town spots for cocktails, or relaxed gatherings with bonfires, music, and good company.

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