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Kitesurfing in Brazil


Kitesurfing Lessons for beginners
in Brazil

Ready to ride the wind? Here's how to get started with kitesurfing – from choosing an instructor to owning your own gear.

Kitesurfing lessons in Brazil

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing harnesses the wind for ultimate watersport thrills! Your kite and board glide effortlessly over calm lagoons, tackle choppy seas, or conquer massive waves. The adventure starts with basic control and upwind riding... then sky's the limit – boost big airs, nail freestyle tricks, carve epic waves, or embark on scenic coastal downwinders.

For a taste of pro-level action, witness the breathtaking spectacle of the Kite Lagoon in Ilha do Guajirù where the Pousada Kite Guajirù - Bed and Breakfast is waiting for you

What skills do you need to get started?

No prior experience needed! Many of our students start their kitesurfing journey without any background in similar sports. We'll teach you everything from the ground up. The only requirement is feeling comfortable in open water

Do you really need lessons?

Any experienced kitesurfer knows - lessons are the key to unlocking the joy and safety of kitesurfing. While getting you riding quickly is tempting, a good instructor prioritizes equipping you with essential safety knowledge and procedures. This knowledge isn't just for you - it protects everyone sharing the water and beach. Lessons empower you to kitesurf with confidence, ensuring a fun and responsible experience for all.

Where can you get kitesurf lessons in Brazil?

Looking to learn kitesurfing in Brazil? Experience the thrill and discover the perfect spot: Ilha do Guajirú. Here, Pousada Kite Guajiru, a bed and breakfast designed for kite surfers, offers expert beginner kitesurfing lessons. With ideal conditions and dedicated instructors, you'll be mastering the basics in no time, right at your doorstep!

What kit do you need for lessons?

No need to worry about gear when taking lessons at Pousada Kite Guajiru! We provide all the essential equipment you need to get started, included in the course cost. This takes the hassle out of your learning experience. For those who fall in love with kitesurfing, we also offer the best gear on the market for purchase, and sometimes even have second-hand options available.

What You'll Learn During Your Kitesurfing Course

Kite Control Fundamentals

On Land: Mastering launching, landing, and precise kite control for a smooth transition to the water.

In Water: Harnessing the kite's power with body dragging, control techniques, and safe re-launching skills.

Riding the Board

The Essential Step: Conquering board starts and getting up on the board.

Building Skills: Developing continuous riding, speed control, and the crucial ability to stay upwind.

Safety and Situational Awareness

Assessing Conditions: Learning to evaluate kiting spots for wind, tides, currents, and potential hazards.

Equipment Knowledge: Selecting and setting up the right gear for safe and enjoyable sessions.

Emergency Preparedness: Understanding safety procedures and knowing how to respond in emergencies situations.


Navigating the Water

Sharing the Space: Grasping the rules and rights of way for a respectful and safe kitesurfing environment.

How many lessons do you need before you can ride?

Most students can confidently ride along after 10-12 hours of instruction, that typically means 3 to 4 lessons.

Prior board-riding experience, like wakeboarding or windsurfing, can accelerate this process, especially with personalized coaching. In these cases, independence might be achievable in a single day!

Check the courses offered at Pousada Kite Guajiru Bed and Breakfast

Kitesurfing for beginners in Ilha do Guajiru

Pousada Kite Guajirù - Bed & Breakfast

Our cozy accommodations provide a serene sanctuary where you can relax and recharge after your kitesurfing sessions or exploring the picturesque surroundings. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of Guajiru and let Pousada Kite Guajiru be your home away from home as you create unforgettable memories on Brazil's enchanting coast

Stay with us and learn to Kite

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Tips for the first lesson

Embrace the journey! We emphasize the importance of relaxation and sensitivity over force when interacting with the wind and kite. Avoid tension and rushing – these hinder your intuition and progress. Patience is key! Remember, kitesurfing involves mastering a series of steps. Each one builds your skills, so dedicate yourself to the process

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