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Kitesurfing in Brazil


Wing Foil Lessons for beginners
in Brazil

Ready to ride the wind with a Wing? Stay with us at Pousada Kite Guajirù and learn this fun surfing technique

kitesurfing lessons for beginner brazil

What is Wing Foil kitesurfing?

Wing Foiling, also referred to as Foil Wing, represents a captivating new form of surfing, blending elements from various water sports into an exhilarating experience. It incorporates aspects of surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing, resulting in a harmonious fusion. In essence, wing foiling resembles a sensation of floating effortlessly.

While the concept of wingsurfing dates back to the mid-80s, it is only in recent times, propelled by advancements in tube kites and, notably, the widespread adoption of foils, that wingsurfing has truly come into its own, poised to become the next big phenomenon in water sports. We have to admit that at Pousada Kite Guajirù wing foiling has already captured our hearts.

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What skills do you need to get started with Wing Foil?

While possessing foil skills from another sport can certainly accelerate the learning process, wing foiling can also serve as your initial introduction to foiling. So beginners and newbies are most welcome to start directly with this exciting water sport

Do you really need lessons to learn Wing Foil?

One of the most interesting aspects of this sport is its short learning curve. You can begin by learning to sail back and forth with a wing on a board equipped with a keel fin, even without a foil, on your first day. Without the need for prior sailing or foiling experience, you can anticipate achieving your first sustained foil ride within 3-5 days of lessons.

Check the courses offered at Pousada Kite Guajiru Bed and Breakfast

wingfoil courses in brazil

Where can you get kitesurf lessons in Brazil?

Looking to learn Wing Foil in Brazil? Discover the perfect spot: Ilha do Guajirú. Here, Pousada Kite Guajiru, a bed and breakfast designed for kite surfers, offers expert beginner kitesurfing lessons. With ideal conditions and dedicated instructors, you'll be mastering the basics in no time, right at your doorstep!

Pousada Kite Guajirù - Bed & Breakfast

Our cozy accommodations provide a serene sanctuary where you can relax and recharge after your kitesurfing sessions or exploring the picturesque surroundings. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of Guajiru and let Pousada Kite Guajiru be your home away from home as you create unforgettable memories on Brazil's enchanting coast

Stay with us and learn to Kite

What kit do you need for lessons?

No need to worry about gear when taking lessons at Pousada Kite Guajiru! We provide all the essential equipment you need to get started, included in the course cost. This takes the hassle out of your learning experience. For those who fall in love with Wing Foil, we also offer the best gear on the market for purchase, and sometimes even have second-hand options available.

What You'll Learn During Your Wing Foil Course?

The Wing Foil Basic Course offers an ideal opportunity to learn wing foiling comprehensively and safely. Over the course of 2-3 days, you will systematically learn all the essential aspects of wing foiling, both in theory and practice, using premium equipment.

Theory: Understanding the wing, selecting suitable locations, wind dynamics, equipment essentials, propulsion development, steering techniques, board interaction, and navigation. Material knowledge, setup procedures, and equipment handling.
Practical sessions: Beach-based flight exercises. Handling the wing in the water and mastering the water start.
Progressing through flight exercises, initially riding on the knees and later transitioning to a standing position for displacement riding. Skill-building exercises, including riding courses and gaining elevation. Techniques for foil takeoff.

How many lessons do you need before you can ride?

Most students can confidently ride along after 8-10 hours of instruction, that typically means 2 to 3 lessons.

Prior board-riding experience, like wakeboarding or windsurfing, can accelerate this process, especially with personalized coaching. In these cases, independence might be achievable in a single day!

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