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Kitesurfing in Brazil


Downwind Lessons for beginners
in Brazil

downwind courses in Brazil

​What is Downwind kitesurfing?

Descending downwind is an exhilarating experience, yet it demands distinct kite and board skills compared to riding upwind. Initially, many kite enthusiasts concentrate on mastering upwind riding. However, once proficiency in riding upwind is achieved, delving into the realm of downwind riding unveils a whole new dimension in kitesurfing. Downwind riding enables exciting possibilities such as embarking on tours (known as downwinders) and swiftly returning to shore upon spotting an approaching storm.Navigating directly downwind presents its challenges. Without the ability to edge the board to create resistance against the kite's pull and generate speed, maintaining control becomes more demanding. During initial attempts, you may discover that following the kite results in decreased power, causing it to lose altitude and fall from the sky.

Pousada Kite Guajirù - Bed & Breakfast

Our cozy accommodations provide a serene sanctuary where you can relax and recharge after your kitesurfing sessions or exploring the picturesque surroundings. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of Guajiru and let Pousada Kite Guajiru be your home away from home as you create unforgettable memories on Brazil's enchanting coast

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What skills do you need to get started with Downwind?

To navigate downwind effectively, you need to adjust both your board and body position slightly more towards the downwind direction to achieve the desired speed and comfort. Transitioning into this mode can be challenging for beginners who have primarily focused on mastering upwind riding, especially if they've spent time walking in the lagoon and grappling with kite control. However, with concise guidance from an instructor, making this adjustment can become a smooth and swift process.

Do you really need lessons?

While learning to kitesurf downwind is technically possible without formal lessons, seeking instruction from qualified instructors is highly recommended. At Pousada Kite Guajirù we provide essential safety guidance, accelerate learning, familiarize you with equipment, refine techniques, and boost confidence. Our expertise ensures efficient progress and maximizes safety and enjoyment in the sport.

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Where can you get Downwind kitesurf lessons in Brazil?

Looking to learn downwind kitesurfing in Brazil? Experience the thrill and discover the perfect spot: Ilha do Guajirú. Here, Pousada Kite Guajiru, a bed and breakfast designed for kite surfers, offers expert beginner downwind kitesurfing lessons. With ideal conditions and dedicated instructors, you'll be mastering the basics in no time, right at your doorstep!

downwind lessons in Brazil

What kit do you need for lessons?

No need to worry about gear when taking lessons at Pousada Kite Guajiru! We provide all the essential equipment you need to get started, included in the course cost. This takes the hassle out of your learning experience. For those who fall in love with kitesurfing, we also offer the best gear on the market for purchase, and sometimes even have second-hand options available

What You'll Learn During Your Downwind Kitesurfing Course

During our downwind kitesurfing course, you'll gain essential skills and knowledge to navigate downwind effectively and safely. Instructors will guide you through techniques such as adjusting board and body positions for speed and comfort, mastering transitions between upwind and downwind riding, understanding wind dynamics for downwind navigation, and practicing maneuvers to maintain control in varying conditions. Additionally, you'll learn safety protocols, equipment handling, and how to react in different situations to minimize risks. Through structured lessons and expert guidance, you'll build confidence and proficiency in downwind kitesurfing.

How many lessons do you need before you can ride downwind?

Most students can confidently ride along after 10-12 hours of instruction, that typically means 3 to 4 lessons.

Prior board-riding experience, like kitesurfing or windsurfing, can accelerate this process, especially with personalized coaching. In these cases, independence might be achievable in a a couple of days!

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