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Kitesurfing in Brazil


Twintip Kitesurfing Lessons for beginners in Brazil

Twin Tip lessons for beginners in Brazil

What is Twintip Kitesurfing?

Twint Tip Kiteboards featuring a straight outline exhibit a minimal variance in width between the center and tips of the board. This design ensures increased edge contact with the water, enhancing grip and edging capabilities. Consequently, straight-outline boards offer superior performance in terms of upwind riding and pop compared to those with a curved outline.

What skills do you need to get started with Twintip?

Twintip boards are "more forgiving" due to symmetrical design, making it easier to learn basic board skills. It's the standard choice for beginners. Instead directional boards requires more precise body positioning and footwork. Mastering this as a complete beginner adds additional complexity to learning the sport. Lessons are anyway ideal: a qualified instructor will teach you kite control fundamentals and board skills in a progressive and safe manner.

Where can you get twintip kitesurf lessons in Brazil?

Looking to learn twintip kitesurfing in Brazil? Start this new adventure with us and discover the perfect spot in Brazil: Ilha do Guajirú. Here, Pousada Kite Guajirù, a bed and breakfast designed for kite surfers, offers expert beginner kitesurfing lessons. With ideal conditions and dedicated instructors, you'll be mastering the basics in no time, right at your doorstep!

What kit do you need for lessons?

No gear? No problem! At Pousada Kite Guajiru, your lessons include all the essential kitesurfing equipment, making your learning experience hassle-free. And if you discover a passion for the sport, we've got you covered with top-of-the-line gear for purchase, sometimes even with great second-hand options!

What You'll Learn During Your Kitesurfing Course

Kite Control Foundations

On Land: Become a kite master! Learn precise launching, landing, and steering techniques for a seamless water experience.

In the Water: Harness the wind! Practice body dragging, power control, and safe kite relaunching.

Conquering the Board

The Moment of Truth: Master waterstarts and get ready to ride!

Building Your Skills: Learn to ride continuously, control your speed, and master the art of staying upwind.

Safety and Awareness

Know Before You Go: Understand how to assess wind, water conditions, and potential hazards for safe sessions.

Gear Up Right: Learn to choose and set up the perfect equipment for enjoyable kiting.

Be Prepared: Understand safety procedures and emergency responses for peace of mind.

Sharing the Waves

Respect the Ride: Learn the rules of the water and prioritize a safe, harmonious kitesurfing community.

How many lessons do you need before you can ride?

Get ready to ride! Most students are confidently cruising after just 10-12 hours of lessons (typically 3-4 sessions). If you have any board sport experience, like wakeboarding or windsurfing, and opt for personalized coaching, you could be kitesurfing on your own in a single day!

Tips for the first twintip kitesurfing lesson

Embrace the journey and unlock the joy of kitesurfing! Focus on relaxation and feeling the connection with the wind and your kite. Let go of rushing and tension – they'll only get in the way. Remember, each step you learn builds your skills, so enjoy the process!

Check the courses offered at Pousada Kite Guajiru Bed and Breakfast

Twin Tip courses in Brazil

Pousada Kite Guajirù - Bed & Breakfast

Our cozy accommodations provide a serene sanctuary where you can relax and recharge after your kitesurfing sessions or exploring the picturesque surroundings. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of Guajiru and let Pousada Kite Guajiru be your home away from home as you create unforgettable memories on Brazil's enchanting coast

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